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Our Unique Design


Everything you need to know about our Pods - VW and Mercedes

Our unique Roofpod system, designed, manufactured and finished completely in house offers the best system on the market, maximising roof real-estate, larger bedroom size and due too all being done on site helps us produce and fit them at much more competitive rates that any other on the market.

Our Pods are 2.6m long and nearly 225mm high, width dependant on VW or Mercedes but both offer the ability to still fit a Fiamma Awning, up to 240w of solar and a 500x700 skylight, compatible with rear view cameras and the best looking aesthetic, all colour coded too your van.

There is a train station on site (BARGOED) with access to Cardiff for day installs or link routes home for dropping off and collecting the vehicle on longer installs

Three levels of install to choose from:

Basic colour coded Pod install only                                  -                 £2300
Entry level install, pod will be colour coded to your van before arrival, this is a one day install and would see just the pod being mounted, secured and sealed onto the vehicle for travel the end of the day

Full Pod, Insulated, boarded, Solar and Skylight             -      up to  £4600
Medium level install, van will be required for 1 full week. This install will see the colour coded pod mounted to the roof, up to 2 solar panels at a maximum of 240w fitted too the pod, a skylight up to 500x700 of your choice fitted, the interior of the pod will be insulated and boarded back, side and top ready for the next step of your build. does not include solar controller but wires will be routed for easy connection.

Full Pod, all the above, fully finished bedroom                -      up to  £7000
Full install. van will need to be bare internally [discuss] van will be required for 3 full weeks, all the above will be done, the bed frame, mattress, and full bedroom furnished to design, see photos for details of full install, will be ready for the garage and rest of your conversion. **Awning will need to be fitted before or discussed




Custom built designs to fit your specifications, using some of the best quality materials available to create a vehicle that will meet all your need

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